Empower Interal Strengths & Efficient Public Services



The Door Institute has created with the vision of supporting e-administration with high security concern and improving public services of different organizations, public and private sectors in Myanmar by empowering internal strengths of different industries.


The door provides technical assistance seeking benefits of citizens. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for different organizations and companies, secure websites with online bank transfer, desktop and mobile applications for both iOS and windows, and cyber security trainings to empower employees of organizations.

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The main reason why we has initiated the institute was to tackle rooted issues of our entire society struggling in poverty. Our impacts have to reach out to grass-root families. We need to inhibit and stop the cycle of Poverty by innovative, ethic driven and future oriented approach.

It is notable that we are using ICT and technologies as a tool which is advanced and modernized tool to deal with this impressing issues of society.

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